Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NAB 2006
Leaving Las Vegas

36 hours after touching down in the Oasis of Modern Mischief, Lenslinger and I re-traced our steps back throught the Las Vegas Airport, through the checkpoints and onto the 767 that is our ride home.

Leaving LasVegas (5)

We haven't had a lot of time yet for extensive posting on the technical details (or otherwise) of our trek through the maze of TV Gadgets and goodies but we both have a bunch of great pix and ideas enough to overflow a dry lake bed in the desert.

MondayVegas (36)

We will post our observations and photographs of the weird, wacky and watchable from the floor of NAB 2006, and of course there's the afterhours stuff too!

NAB 1 (7)

Let's just say there was a stretch Limo involved!

NAB 1 (2)

Stay tuned (bad TV pun) for more from NAB 06 here on TVPhotogBlog and also over at Lenslinger.com

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