Thursday, April 27, 2006

NAB 2006
Little Lost Robot

As much as Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman and I fancy ourselves pretty good bloggers there is another, more hyperactive, Television Photojournalist who is the epitome of TV Photog Bloggin' and short of sounding gay and saying he's our hero, JL Watkins is a truly unique individual who we've been itchin' to meet.

Vegas Stew Cam (9)

I've been reading his Little Lost Robot blog since before he made the cross country move from Seattle to Greenville, SC last year but even just a few quick hours down the road, we haven't had a story assignment or reason to cross his path until we flew across the country to NAB.

Vegas Stew Cam (2)

JL Watkins, aka, Little Lost Robot, was at NAB blogging for the Lost Remote website as he did last year when we closely monitored his progress and pledged to do the same in 2006.

Vegas Stew Cam (8)

It was late in the day Monday when we finally crossed paths with JL when we were exiting the Las Vegas Convention Center after we were done on the floor. It seemed that we all (visually anyhow) instantly knew one another at first site and began our lively conversations. Even with this west coast transplant slightly surprised by our medium to heavy North Carolina dialects, we talked about our respective days of Gadget watching like old friends.

A bit later we met up with JL again at the Lost Remote party at the Hilton and shared
stories over Gin and Tonics before moving on to the party at Gordon Biersch where the beer brewed in-house flowed extra thick.

Vegas Stew Cam (5)

As we all grew more imbibed by our alcohol consumption the stories got funnier, or maybe I just laugh too much when the juice is flowing. After the B-Roll party JL joined Stewart, Brad Ingram, me and other's from the B-roll Crew for a kick ass ride in a stretch limo, althought in the photo he lookin' a little wierded out!(more
on that later)

After the limo it was time for a bit of table play in the Sahara to go along with more Gin and Tonic.(and I only lost $40 there).

I can tell you now with great certaintly...I found out that Little Lost Robot isn't just an excellent blogger with great story telling skills, he's one hell of a funny guy and an even nicer guy!

So don't forget to visit Little Lost Robot for his take on NAB 2006. From what I hear his stuff is gonna be good. Something about Green Screens!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog... but "shor of sounding gay"? That's kind of a dumb statement don't ya think?

So you like the guy and look up to him... I don't think that makes you sound "gay".

JL said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the props. Send me that 3 shot of us! But, not the last photo (I look totally evil in that one).

Also, there WERE a ton of drinks that night - I had a great time. Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time at NAB. Just to let you know, I worked with JL. I can tolerate him in person but he's a prick to his co-workers. Must be his silver spoon upbringing, which is why he's never grown up. 40 year old virgin come to mind?